The North Rupununi District Development Board


Chapter 24 Amerindians has been adopted/endorsed by the North Rupununi District Development Board. Specifically, the NRDDB has recommended that Chapter 24 be included in the information sent out to all Amerindian representatives and communities for guidance in the process of revising the Amerindian Act.   The National Development Strategy (NDS) was conceived by the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan in 1993. The rationale was to put together homegrown policies and programs that would advance economic development and reduce poverty.


The NDS was formulated by Guyanese from all walks of life, professionals and persons with vast experience in various developmental areas. Guyanese were given an opportunity to participate in the formulation of development plans for our country.


Though the NDS is yet to be debated and endorsed by the National Assembly, the PPP/C Administration has begun implementing key elements of the strategy. For example, land use and structural and regulatory reform in part derives from the recommendations proposed in the strategy. The Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper. . .has its roots in the NDS. It only makes sense, therefore, that our manifesto and agenda for the future development of Guyana should be anchored in the National Development Strategy and the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.