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The Forestry Sector

The Forest Resource Base

"The guiding principles for the forestry sector have been established in accordance with the Rio Declaration on Environment and Development and Guyana's commitment to a path of sustainable development emphasised in the National Forest Policy within the framework of the draft National Development Strategy.

Among the conditions set out for investors are:

  • Limitation on log exports and emphasis on value added downstream production agreement to allow effective multiple use of forested areas by different users.
  • Special efforts to promote income earning from non-timber uses including eco-tourism.
  • Provision to allow for portions of allocated lands to be recalled to facilitate national priorities such as protected areas.
  • Provision to allow for adjustments to recognise and accommodate Amerindian settlements.
  • Undertaking to maintain strict observance of environmental norms, good forest practices and utilisation of environmentally friendly technology.
  • Respect for the rights of the Guyanese people and more especially the indigenous people and workers employed by the investor.
  • Provision of supplies for local value added activities.

These conditions are based on the policy of the Guyana government that our natural resources must be utilised in a sustainable manner while making a significantly greater contribution to the national economy."

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