Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper
Joint Staff Assessment
Prepared by the staffs of the International Development Association and the International Monetary Fund
Approved by David de Ferranti and Gobind Nankani (IDA), and Claudio M. Loser and Liam P. Ebrill (IMF)
August 30, 2002



1. The Guyana Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) builds on the Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (I-PRSP) discussed by the Boards of the Fund and the Bank in November 2000, as well as the National Development Strategy (NDS) designed in 1993. The NDS provided a framework for sustainable growth and poverty reduction in Guyana over a 25-year period. However, it did not examine in detail the costing of the Strategy or its financing. The PRSP builds on the framework established by the NDS, focuses more on the problems of poverty reduction in the medium term (2002–05), and links the poverty reduction strategy to its financing requirements. The PRSP also builds on the strategy outlined in the I-PRSP and explicitly shows the differences between the I-PRSP and the PRSP as a result of the broad consultation and analytical work that took place during the preparation of the PRSP (see Table 4.2 in the PRSP).



4. The PRSP was prepared through a broad-based participation process that builds on the process started in 1993 during the preparation of the NDS. The NDS was reviewed through a participatory process involving about 200 people, while the I-PRSP involved little or no participation. After the I-PRSP and following the recommendations of the JSA for the I-PRSP, the government launched an extensive participatory process which touched every region and involved more than 8,000 people. Over 200 consultations consisting of 109 community consultations and 98 target group consultations were conducted in all 10 regions of the country.


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