Discussion paper

Small and Medium Forest Enterprises in Guyana

Raquel Thomas, Duncan Macqueen, Yolanda Hawker, Taryn DeMendonca

Guyana Forestry Commission
Forest Planning and Research Development Division
Georgetown, Guyana

In collaboration with:
International Institute for Environment and Development
London, UK

"Population pressure in Guyana is very low (approximately 750,000 inhabitants) with about 90% of the people occupying the rich fertile coastal belt. Guyana is one of the poorest countries in South America and the Caribbean with a GDP/capita of USD785/annum in 1999. It was estimated in 1988 that 75% if the population fell below the poverty line. A survey in 1999 (Living Conditions Survey) showed 35% people below the poverty line with 21 percent living under extreme circumstances (see Hunter 2001). Some of the more recent strategic programmes in Guyana to deal with the poverty reduction are the National Development Strategy (NDS), Poverty Reduction Strategy Programme (PRSP) and the Linden Economic Alleviation Programme (LEAP)."

Excerpted from page 10

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