November 11, 1999

Final Draft


FIRST NATIONAL REPORT TO THE CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES (CoP) of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)

Environmental Protection Agency
Office of the President

The National Biodiversity Action Plan of Guyana adopts the following principles into biodiversity planning and management in Guyana:


1. Biodiversity considerations are to become integrated into the agenda at the local, regional, sectoral, and national levels. This is by no means a simple task and requires commitment, time, resources, and skills. There are to be strong linkages between Biodiversity Action Plan and those in other sectors and Regions. At the level of macro-development, the Plan should be seen in harmony with the National Development Strategy.


2. All planning and management efforts that either use or impinge on biological diversity should, as far as possible, consider and be based on three approaches/principles:


-The Participatory Approach

-The Cyclical/Adaptive Planning Approach

-The Precautionary Principle

Excerpted from page v-vi

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