Ministry of Education Strategic Plan 2003-2007

Quality of Education

The State Paper on Education Policy (1995) presents the mission of the Ministry as providing "equal access to all Guyanese children and young people to quality education," but officials from the Ministry and members of civil society are deeply worried about the situation in this area. As the civil society representatives put it in the NDS:

[A] Number of economic and social factors´┐Ż have led to a most unsatisfactory and unacceptable state of affairs: learning rates in the schools are extremely low; a large proportion of the teaching force is unqualified and untrained; absenteeism on the part of both teachers and students is rife; and textbooks and other instructional materials are often unavailable.

Guyana's success in attaining universal access to primary schools´┐Ż has been eroded and has been replaced by rising repetition and drop out rates. Moreover [there are] alarmingly high levels of functional illiteracy.

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