Renovating the Ogle Airport


Ogle Airport, Inc. a local airline operators group of private investors has entered into an agreement with the Government of Guyana to take over the management, operation and development of Ogle Airport.


The airport will be upgraded to international standards as a municipal and regional airport of entry. The airport is seven miles by road from the center of Georgetown, the capital city.


The upgrade includes the construction of a new category 2(C) 1200 meter x 30 meter runway, new concrete taxiways, parking lot, and the construction of a new terminal complex with the capacity to process 200 passengers at a time


The airport is planned to be open for international operations on January 1, 2004. After the renovations are complete, it is estimated that passenger and cargo traffic at Ogle will double over the next 10 years.


In regard to the NDS two aspects of the Ogle Airport renovation are of interest. First, the renovation of Ogle was among the key priorities in Chapter 8 Transport. Many of those involved in the renovation were also involved in the formulation of the NDS. Therefore, the Ogle airport represents one of the most important examples to date of a key project identified by the NDS that is actually being implemented.


Second, it is worth noting that the renovation process is employing the same participatory strategy that was in some ways pioneered by the NDS. Ogle Airport, Inc. has initiated regular consultations with neighborhood groups in the area in order to discuss community concerns such as noise, safety, and relocation.